Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Springing Forward

With the new season coming what better time to start a new treatment? Dallas' platelet level is still climbing (at 64,000 today!) and his oncologist feels comfortable enough to start him on a new drug. This time it will be administered orally with a weekly visit to the oncologist in Gainesville.

The trips down south will keep on coming. Next weekend, the family (excluding myself sadly) will spend some time at the Grandparents lake house and again two weeks after that for Easter. Jonathan and I will hopefully be able to make that trip and escape what seems like a never ending "northern winter".

Another small vacation is being planned for a long weekend at the Suwannee River, where our Granddaddy used to have a house. And of course there's still the trip to visit the most awesome sister in the world in DC at the end of April.

Let's see those platelets try and beat all that!


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