Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Defeat of the Platelets

Just as we always knew he would, Dallas definitely stuck it to those stubborn platelets. They were at 271,000 today! He had his weekly trip to Shands this morning which confirmed that his platelet level was still on the rise. He hasn't had a nose bleed in over four days!

Dr. Smith decided that since the platelets were so high he had the green light to begin taking Rapamycin along with the Tarceva he takes daily now. Both are oral chemo treatments which we're hopeful will slow Timmy down.

The numbness in his left side continues as does his neverending appetite, as demonstrated Saturday night during a BBQ with all his friends at the house. We had a nice turn out with about 20 or so people gathered around to eat burgers and play a little Beer Pong. Sunday included boating down at St. Marks.

Dallas is staying in Gainesville tonight to watch the Gators play in the NIT. Hopefully he'll continue to be their good luck charm. GO GATORS!!

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