Sunday, March 15, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Sorry for yet another delay. Dallas was released from Shands Monday evening and arrived back in Tallahassee on Wednesday night just in time for my visit. We've all been so busy since then that updating kept getting pushed back.

As of Friday morning Dallas' platelet level was still rising and had reached 31,000. Since my arrival, mom and I have been working hard on keeping up with his never ending appetite.

Symptoms such as numbness in his left side associated with the tumor have started to surface. On Tuesday he will make another trip to Shands to meet with Dr. Smith (his NO) to discuss the next step in treatment and possibly have an MRI. The MRI will help them to decide exactly what his options are and the best one to move forward with.

Since I've been back we've been very busy with excursions to the Junior Museum (now known as the Tallahassee Museum, but we'll never acknowledge the change), the beach at Alligator Point, watched numerous FSU basketball games (they just lost the ACC Championship unfortunately) and sat by the pool for a cookout. It's been a great visit filled with lots of laughter as usual, and I'll be very sad to leave tomorrow. Tonight David has promised to kick all our butts in Apples to Apples.

We'll see.


PS - New photos have been uploaded on the right. More will be posted soon.

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