Thursday, February 15, 2007

Good News


We have some good news to share! Dallas' oncologist had been out of town at a conference last week when Dallas had his MRI. As I shared earlier, the MRI report came back as "no change". However, I talked with Dallas' doctor yesterday and she had just finished reviewing his MRI herself. She feels the tumor IS responding to treatment!!! She explained there is some edema (swelling) around the tumor site which is referred to as "treatment effect" but she does see some necrosis (dead cells) of the tumor.

Larry and I were naturally overwhelmed by joy at this news. Dallas, in his usual, dry humor, responded with a simple "cool".

Dallas has finished this final round of chemo yesterday. He'll rest today and tomorrow and will receive his third stem-cell transplant on Saturday. We should be released to the hotel on Sunday. Hopefully, we'll be able to come back to Tallahassee two weeks after that.....I hope the azaleas will still be in bloom then!

Other exciting news.....all children who are treated for cancer here at Shands qualify for the Dreams Come True program. One of Dallas' dreams was to meet Jack Johnson, a recording artist. Well, Jack Johnson lives in Hawaii and is on hiatus this year. However, we just found out that he is giving a special benefit concert in Honolulu on April 21st. Dallas gets to attend the concert as Jack Johnson's special guest...and he gets to take his family!

Thank you all again for your prayers and thoughts through this ordeal....we can't express our appreciation enough.


Shel and Dallas

Thursday, February 8, 2007

"No Change" is a GOOD thing!


Dallas had an MRI yesterday. The report came back as "no change" which is better than the last report of "new growth". We were hoping it would show the tumor had shrunk.....but we're grateful it's not growing. He was scheduled to start his 3rd and last treatment tomorrow but his platelets were low today so they are giving him a platelet transfusion and have postponed the treatment until Monday. He'll be in the hospital for the usual 6 days and then we'll need to stay in Gainesville for at least 2 more weeks after that while his blood counts rebound to normal.

Other than low platelets, Dallas is doing great! He's been feeling better....not as tired as he was and the nausea has disappeared. Of course, much of that will return during his final treatment, but he's anxious to finish up and get back home.

We miss everyone and can't wait to get back to Tallahassee!