Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I just wanted to thank everyone for all of their amazing support. It means so much to our family to see how loved and respected Dallas IS among so many. Although this is a hard road to travel for us all we are comforted by your continued thoughts and prayers. Dallas was an amazing brother to me and David and the least we can do to repay that honor is to pay tribute to him in all that we do.

In celebration of Dallas and David's birth and lives we would like to invite friends to our house at 1753 Copperfield Circle this Tuesday, April 28th at 7 PM for their 21st birthday. A cookout followed by a candle lighting and beer pong are on the agenda. We hope to see you all there.

And although Dallas is gone from us now, I hope you all realize that he did in fact beat Timmy. Timmy after all only gave him 3 months to a year to live in 2006. Dallas fought valiantly for nearly 3 years.


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