Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April 8th Update

Dallas' condition has continued to decline as expected. He received his last steroid dose Sunday evening. And the anti-seizure medicine we started him on last week was switched from capsules to IV Monday afternoon. He's sleeping peacefully most of the time with a few restless moments here and there. Swallowing has become very difficult and he hasn't had anything to eat, nor has he wanted anything, in several days. We are able to get a few droppers of water or apple juice down him a couple of times a day. Most importantly, he's not in any pain. He said his head hurt a little bit yesterday morning and I gave him a small dose of morphine. He hasn't had a headache since but we have both liquid morphine and IV on hand if needed.

The outpouring of love and support has been simply amazing. So much food, sodas, paper products, etc has poured in that we are now storing some items at several neighbors. Dallas is so loved and our family is so very blessed. Thank you all.

Until Monday, a steady stream of kids made daily visits. Things have slowed a bit now, as we have become more selfish of Dallas' time. I also have to share with you that Dallas' twin brother, David, has been incredible....seldom leaving Dallas' side. He lovingly cares for him....lifting him, repositioning him, and joking with him. Dallas' older sister Jessie has also been a steady source of strength and support for him.....also lovingly caring for him, sitting by his side and making sure his favorite music is always playing softly in the background. Through it all, Dallas, as usual, takes it all in stride.....not one complaint has been uttered. What a remarkable young man he courageous and brave. He is the epitome of grace.


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Bobby Hamman said...

Shel --

All of you are in our prayers and thoughts. The pain in our hearts is only outweighed by the admiration generated through the love and courage illustrated by your family.

Best regards,

Bobby Hamman