Friday, December 1, 2006

The Dallas Beats Timmy Mission

The purpose of this blog is to keep the friends and family of Dallas updated on his battle against Timmy (The Tumor, Dallas's choosen name for his new buddy). Postings will be made by either Dallas himself, his mother or his sister. Since this is the first posting, I will update any who may not know the current situation.

We're tryng to get Dallas scheduled for a "PET Scan", which is a more detailed and advanced MRI (from my understanding). This will determine the exact size and growth of Timmy. Once we get those results, and perhaps before, Dallas, my mom and my dad plan on heading to Duke to meet with Dr. Friedman. Dr. Friedman is a world reknown neuro-oncologist that our doctor at Shands recommended we see.

So that's where we stand now. Dallas is doing great. He's playing PlayStation and "winning" from what he just told me over the phone. He's ready and willing to go wherever this epic battle to defeat Timmy may take him.

Finally, my family and I would like to thank everyone for all their amazing support. I don't know where we would be without you all. I would especially like to thank Judy and Carla for the hours they've poured into helping us reach the various hospitals, doctors, and foundations that we've been in contact with over the past three days.

Thanks again to you all and check back regulary for updates. Also, feel free to leave comments so that Dallas can stay in contact with everyone.



Autumn said...

Hey Dallas! Long time since I've seen ya. What a great picture of you and David. Oh yeah, Jessie, I saw some pics of your new work place in DC. What a great gig! You guys have such a strong, awesome family. I know Timmy is gotta get his in the end. Lots of hugs-Autumn

Adrienne said...

Dallas' Strength > Timmy... he will be defeated.
Dallas-Don't forget to get me your address, as soon as you figure out what that is.
All my Love and all the Blessings.
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Alice said...

Dallas! I'm convinced you'll beat Timmy. I really am. And you know we're all praying for you all the time. And hey, did you know that we have a friend who named her spare tire (on her waist) Timmy?

Billy said...

Hey Dallas , This is a test , cause i wrote a whole long msg. and it didn't get posted. I am battling the BLOG.

Billy Coleman

Billy said...

Dallas, OK it worked! Now if I can just remember what I said. It was very deep. Something like "Endeavor To Persevere", which is my favorite line from a movie. Do you know the movie?

Billy Coleman

Uncle Stinnes said...

All I want to know is when did David start looking like Joe Walsh? I bet he can't play "Rocky Mountain Way" like Joe.

Uncle Stinnes

PS Go Gators

Shel said...

I never noticed that before Stinnes.....I think David looks like Owen Wilson!