Thursday, February 12, 2009

Next Plan of Attack


It took longer than we were expecting to hear back from Dallas' NO (Dr. Smith) about what the next step should be; however, she was at a conference in Atlanta and was able to discuss with other doctors Dallas' condition and get their feedback on what to do next.

We are going to begin Avastin plus Carboplatin, which was actually started today (February 12th). When Dallas did his intense chemo back at the beginning of 2007 he did another platin drug which he responded well to. This is why they decided to keep him on Avastin and try Carboplatin instead of the CPT drug...I have no idea what I'm talking about by the way.

They are discussing some other treatment options that my mom has done research on and which can hopefully be used as a backup. There is also a trial she just discovered they are doing at Duke on immunotherapy...or vaccines. Always before Dallas didn't qualify for vaccine therapy because to develop a vaccine, they had to be able to get enough tumor material to work with (and as many of you know his tumor is inoperable). It seems now that they are developing the vaccines through blood samples. Dallas' tumor may be too advanced to go this route, but we're going to discuss it with his NO in any case.

So, his bi-weekley schedule of going to Shands in Gainesville for 1 day of infusion will continue for the time being. His, along with David obviously, 21st birthday is coming up at the end of April. As long as he reacts well to this chemo (some possible side effects include a stronger attack on the immune system - aka low blood counts, loss of hair, etc.) we are planning on doing a trip to New Orleans the first week of May for their annual Jazz Festival or possibly a trip to DC to see their most favoritist sister ever.

My family and I appreciate all of the kind words you all have sent throughout this and the past two and a half years. Without your support this would be an impossible road to travel.

Best wishes,


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