Monday, April 23, 2007


Aloha Everyone!

We're in Hawaii for Dallas' Dreams Come True trip and having an incredible time!
I wanted to share some of the pictures (and there are quite a few) we've taken so far.

Just go to and click on Hawai'i (161) for a slideshow.



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Maggie said...

Hey Dallas,

Wow, Jack Johnson, that is so cool you got to see him. I remember the last time we saw each other, we were sitting outside at Granddad's and talking about how he never tours. And now you see him in Hawaii and go backstage too, awesome. If you haven't seen that episode of Austin Ciy Limits that Uncle Stinnes was talking about you should check it out, it's pretty good.

The festival website said Eddie Vedder was there too, how was he?

Jessie's pictures are awesome and you all look like you had a great time. Well until next time you all take care.

Lots of love,