Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Happy New Year!

We hope everyone enjoyed bringing in the New Year! Dallas, Brittney, Larry and I spent the evening in Dallas' room in the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit at Shands. We laughed and giggled until our sides hurt while playing Uno and listening to music blaring from his new Ipod speaker he received for Christmas. It was a great New Year's eve. Brittney and Dallas shared a bottle of sparkling grape juice at midnight while watching the ball drop at Times Square.

Dallas has completed his first round of chemotherapy and will receive his stem cells tomorrow morning. He's doing well and has experienced the normal side effects expected from the strong regimen of drugs he's received. His sense of smell has been adversly effected making most foods intolerable to him and consequently his appetite is poor. One of the side effects of thiotepa(chemo) is the drug leaves his body through his pores which requires frequent bathing. As a result, his biggest complaint is the showers and complete change of clothes he has to make every six hours! The boy has never been so clean!

After his stem cell infusion, Dallas will stay in the hospital another night and hopefully be released on Thursday. We've found a nice, lake-view, motel near Shands to spend the next two weeks. During that time Dallas will make frequent trips to the hospital so that his blood counts can be monitored closely. He'll probably require a few transfusions until his stem cells kick in and his counts rebound. Then, we'll get to come home for a week before his next round of treatment starts.

All and all, we're doing fine. Dallas' spirits are good and thankfully there's been plenty of football on TV to keep him occupied.

Here's wishing everyone a healthy and joyful 2007!


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Michael, Sharon and Nong Ex said...

Hey Dallas,

We are thinking of you and keep you in our prayers every night for a speedy and full recovery! Nong Ex never misses the chance to wish you the best and is fascinated by the fact that his Papa has cousins!! Then he wants to know everyone's names which leads to him wondering why he only has one cousin!! And then he goes back to you and wants you to 'be all better'! It's really cute to listen to him. (but then I am his Mother, so I'm biased too!;)

We hope you are having a good week and staying occupied. Will you be watching the big game on Monday night? Are you a Gator fan? You are right in the heart of 'celebration city' if they win next week!

This blog thing is really cool. It's great that we can stay updated without bugging you with hundreds of calls. This is my first time blogging, and I thought it would have been much more difficult to set up, it was Easy! When Mike gets home I'll show him how to do it too!

Well, thats all for now, just wanted to let you know that you are in our thoughts and prayers daily and we are rooting for you.


Sharon, Mike and Ex. (Meg and Rusty too!)